Aging in Place

Aging in Place

Aging is something that we all like to put off thinking about, but preparing for later years doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. When preparing your house for your golden years, simple planning and feature modifications can go a long way to ensuring that you’ll continue to maximize the usability and joy of your home.


Granite is a beautiful material for kitchen or bathroom countertops. Many people ask me how to look after granite. Granite is both scratch- and heat-resistant, and lasts longer than conventional countertops. Despite this, it still needs regular care and maintenance to prevent staining and keep it looking the best for years to come. Although you may not realize it, granite is actually porous to liquids and oils. For this reason, quickly cleaning up spills is important to prevent liquids from being absorbed into the stone and staining your countertop. Simply using dish soap, warm water and a non-abrasive sponge is usually enough to use for regular cleaning. Acidic cleaning products can be used, but they will cause the sealant to break down much quicker. It is generally advisable to use appropriate cleaners and a stone-sealant product every year. Stone-sealant products are readily available and easy to use. When was the last time you sealed and protected your granite countertops?


Want More Space?

Here’s how to get it in your home.

Adding a bonus room or completing an unfinished space is often a perfect and cost-effective way to create more space without the hassle of moving. These projects are brilliant for re-envisioning a space in your home to match your desires and needs. Additional work can also raise the value of your home before a future sale.

Add a room over a garage:

Looking for a room for your car restoration project or an extra guest bedroom? The garage provides a perfect space for planning conversions or for building another level.

Convert an Attic Space or Basement:

These areas are ripe for easy conversion to living space.  Looking for a kids’ play space or a pool room? Or maybe the man cave or craft room? We can add various windows to this space to make rooms that feel open and comfortable for living.


Sunrooms and patios provide a perfect space for relaxing at home and enjoying your surrounding land.

In-Law Apartments:

Whether it’s a separate space or adjoined to your home, we can create comfortable living areas for both short-term and long-term guests.

A Quick Guide on How to Plan Your Addition

1. Write down everything you want from extra living space.

2. Decide what you can afford to spend on your new space, and have a set budget.

3. Look at the land available, and don’t forget to think ‘up’! An extra level can double the space of your home. We can also look at your home and propose ways to create the space you want.

4. Contact Cliff by phone or email. We’ll listen to your ideas and work within your budget to create your desired living space.