Building A Zero-Energy House In Norway

Careful detailed planning, with energy efficiency and great design foremost in mind, have come together in building this beautiful concept zero-energy house in Norway.

Carbon dioxide emission from homes and construction of homes accounts for a staggering 40% of total emissions in the USA. The impact of building will almost always be carbon positive, so one of the main aims of ZEB (Zero Energy Building) is to offset this with on-site renewable energy generation over the lifespan of the house. This home will offset more than 100% of the energy used to construct it and should generate a surplus great enough to provide the comforts that make this design concept into a lovable home. Additionally, this home design aims to provide enough power to run an electric car daily.

This house is just one example of a growing trend. All areas of building are moving steadily in this direction as more people are looking to protect themselves against rising energy costs, and take better care of the environment. While not generally taken to the extent of this home, zero-energy building and passive building features are becoming commonplace. This can only be a good thing for the homeowner, the builder, and the planet.