Working With CMC Was Wonderful. Great Service.
We have been involved in several building projects over the years. Working with CMC was wonderful. Each month we received a statement showing in detail how much of the project was completed and the amount of money we had spent to-date... Great service. The jobsite was always clean, neat and safe.
— Joe Fowler
As first time home buyers in 2005, my wife and I bought a spec home built by Cliff Maness. While we explored many options available in the market, we kept coming back the the home Cliff and his team built. We felt, compared all of the available options, this home provided not only a great value but was also a quality, well built home. Cliff and his team were thorough and reasonable through the the buying process right up until close.

One of the features that attracted us to the home was a substantial unfinished basement. My wife and I could not wait to engage Cliff to finish it once we were ready. Well, that time came 3 years later. Upon meeting with Cliff, we immediately knew that he was the one to do the job. He was attentive, creative and patient while helping us to design the space we were envisioning. Cliff priced it reasonably and executed flawlessly delivering on time as promised. We also worked with Cliff on several other home improvement projects along they way, all with the same results.

Now, after nearly 15 years in the home, the time has come to sell. When selling an older home in a competitive market, one of the biggest concerns for a potential buyer is the home inspection. The home that Cliff Maness Construction built passed with flying colors with only a couple of nominal plumbing items that tend to occur over time. It still has the original A/C unit!! This can only happen when you have a true craftsman that cares deeply for his work. Our family has grown over the years and has made many unforgettable memories in this home. Our Cliff Maness home has taken great care of our family and I know it will do the same for it’s new one.

Thank you Cliff for being a true professional with a willingness to help whenever we called.
— Matt Beatty
Really Enjoying The New House And Garage.
…we are really enjoying the new house and garage. We have received a lot of good comments on the construction.
— Wes & Jeanette Osborne
How Fortunate We Were To Have Had Cliff Maness Construction!

Alyce and I had been married for 36 years… I was ready to retire and we’d never built a home. We had purchased the lot at High Rock Lake, had our plans, but needed the ultimate ingredient–an excellent builder. Friends lined up to tell us horror stories about building. This just increased our anxiety. We had to interview builders, learn builderese, a language we weren’t familiar with, and frankly go through a year-long process that we flat out feared. Could he be trusted? Did he have experience? How was he on details? Would he communicate and be helpful? And then perhaps most importantly...would he be there when we needed him, after that last payment check went in the mail. “We did our homework, interviewed numerous builders, crawled through dozens and dozens of their houses, talked to the owners and…chose Cliff Maness Construction Company. Perhaps it was the low-key beginnings of a relationship that has grown to become a friendship with our builder. Cliff Maness will not dazzle you with hype or give you the old sales tap dance. What he does is listen, think and respond to questions. He’s incredibly honest and very detail-oriented. He carries a notebook and notes everything. When he’s not available there’s Roy, his father, a man with 40 years of experience. Roy was the president of Weaver Construction Company, one of the largest construction companies in the southeast. So we saw a lot of positives early in the going. What we later did see was the ability that Cliff and his outstanding crew have (they have all been with him for years) to problem solve and put owners at ease through their outstanding professionalism. And then, when the home was built there was the follow-up. They make the final product right! “Alyce and I love our new home. It has made retirement all we had hoped for and more. Now, when we hear stories about building woes, we know how fortunate we were to have had Cliff Maness Construction!
— Bob & Alyce Cairns
Treated Us Top-Notch. Couldn’t Recommend Him More Highly.
I would honestly say we were a priority on his list. He treated us top-notch. He used top-notch materials, and we had an excellent job done. Quality! Quality! Quality! I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
— Eve Leeder
Tried Very Hard To Get Everything We Wanted.
My favorite part was that he came (to the job) very often to see what the guys were doing… He didn’t just leave the guys to work. He was very responsive to everything we asked for and he tried very hard to get everything we wanted.
— Joanne Blanton
Great Listener, Responsive, There For The Long Haul.
Cliff is a great listener. He was very respectful in terms of discerning what we wanted. He would only give advice after listening. We love our house as much as the first day we moved in… Everyone that comes out to the house just loves it. It’s the perfect home. He’s very responsive during the building process and after the process. A lot of builders, after it’s complete, they’re on to the next job. ….Cliff goes way above and beyond any expectation of what you would have for a contractor …after he builds a home he still feels responsible. He’s in there for the long haul.
— Mike Connors
Stand By Everything They Do.
We were very pleased with everything they did. I think the quality of the work is very good and they stand by everything they do.
— John Willis
We Selected Cliff Because We Felt His Attention To Detail Exceeded All Others...
My wife and I selected Cliff Maness Construction to build our retirement home after interviewing several companies, both large and small. We selected Cliff because we felt his attention to detail exceeded all others, plus his experience, guidance and assistance was invaluable to us as we had never designed and built a home prior to this one. Cliff made recommendations on items we never would have thought of, which helped us avoid making mistakes down the road. He was ever-present on-site, making sure his attention to detail carried over to the sub-contractors as well. With our home complete, my wife and I now have a house we can hopefully live the rest of our lives in. The house is both beautiful and efficient, as evidenced by the pictures associated on his website. We would both highly recommend Cliff. You will not be disappointed!
— Mark & Nancy Loper