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Granite is a beautiful material for kitchen or bathroom countertops. Many people ask me how to look after granite. Granite is both scratch- and heat-resistant, and lasts longer than conventional countertops. Despite this, it still needs regular care and maintenance to prevent staining and keep it looking the best for years to come. Although you may not realize it, granite is actually porous to liquids and oils. For this reason, quickly cleaning up spills is important to prevent liquids from being absorbed into the stone and staining your countertop. Simply using dish soap, warm water and a non-abrasive sponge is usually enough to use for regular cleaning. Acidic cleaning products can be used, but they will cause the sealant to break down much quicker. It is generally advisable to use appropriate cleaners and a stone-sealant product every year. Stone-sealant products are readily available and easy to use. When was the last time you sealed and protected your granite countertops?