Obtaining A Realistic Building Estimate For Your Budget

In order to give you a good estimate, knowing a couple of details is vital. Firstly, where do you want to build? And, secondly, what size and style of home do you want? It’s often a good starting point to roughly cost a house by estimating between $120-$160 per square foot plus the cost of the land. Additionally, take a look at house plans for sale online as they will often give an estimated building cost, but, again, don’t forget to add on the price of the land. The price of land will, of course, vary from location to location. In order to get an accurate idea of your building costs, we can sit down with you and draw up a personalized estimate.

Once we start building, there may be things you wish to change, as you see the house going up. Changes are certainly possible, but it can drive up your building costs.

We’re always eager to work through the fine details of what you want before work starts, so as to keep the price as close to the original estimate as possible. Using our extensive experience, we’ll guide you and make recommendations based on your personal needs and desires to help design the home of your dreams, while developing a budget. Contact me for a personal estimate.