Meet Our Family

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Cliff Maness



In 1993, while working in the construction industry, Cliff and Cathy designed and built the home of their dreams. During the yearlong process, Cliff discovered his passion for transforming an idea into a home. After building their home, Cliff founded Cliff Maness Construction to share his passion for building with others looking to create their envisioned home. Over the years, Cliff has diligently adapted to construction’s cutting-edge techniques, including environmentally-sustainable building practices as a Master Certified Green Professional. Cliff brings more than 30 years of construction experience to the job. 

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Cathy Maness

Office Manager


Cathy acts as both the office manager for Cliff Maness Construction and as a NAR's Green Designated Realtor for Rocliff Real Estate, Inc. Cathy, a licensed real estate agent since 2000, will provide professionalism and expertise for you as you sell your home. You'll find Cathy in the office with her Irish Setter, Abby, working hard to make sure all building projects run smoothly so that you move in on-time and on-budget. Building a house involves a lot of big decisions, and Cathy enjoys helping you navigate through the experience from start to finish. With Cathy, you're family. So your dreams are in good hands. 


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Roy Maness

Vice President


Roy has more than 60 years experience in construction and as a real estate broker. Before joining Cliff and Cathy, Roy spent 36 years at Weaver Construction (now Weaver Cooke Construction), where he led the company as President for 22 years. Roy doesn't just build houses, he builds dreams. He wants everyone to experience the joy of owning a home. As mayor of Troy, North Carolina, Roy spearheaded a Rent-to-Own initiative that has transformed a local neighborhood and placed more than 25 people on track to own homes. With Roy, you’ll get a smile, solid expertise, and 100-percent commitment to your building goals.