Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a house cost?

House prices vary based on the size of the home and its features, which can range from simple to ornate. In order to determine a price for your house or project, we need to develop a plan and prepare an estimate. We can work together to understand your budget, as well as your needs and desires, to generate an estimate of the cost for your project. Contact us for an estimate.

Where do you build?

We typically build within a 100-mile radius of our home office in Asheboro, North Carolina. Our building areas include Randolph, Davidson, Guilford, and Montgomery counties. We’ve built homes in popular locations ranging from High Rock Lake and Badin Lake to Stoney Creek and Tot Hill Farm. Learn more about our building areas.

Can I afford to build a house?

We understand that building a home is an important financial decision.  Working together, we can establish a realistic price for your house project that balances your needs with your budget. We can also advise and provide assistance regarding tax incentives for those building and buying a home.

How long does it take to build a home?

Building a home can average from six months to a year or longer depending on the size and the customization involved in the house. Like with any major project, there are variables that can alter the time frame for completing a home. Weather can sometimes slow down or speed up projects depending on the time of year. Additionally, some customers decide they want to change certain custom features during the building stages. Other projects, such as remodeling and additions, usually take less time than building a home. Of course, these time frames vary based on the size and scope of the project. At the beginning, we’ll establish a time estimate for your home’s completion. During the building process, we’ll always keep you up-to-date on the stages of your home.

We have an existing home that needs remodeling work. Do you provide remodeling services?

Yes, we certainly do remodeling work and additions. Contact us for an estimate.

I own a piece of land. Can you build a home on our property?

Yes we can. Many of our clients come to us already owning a property.

Do you build environmentally-sustainable homes?

We believe in building environmentally-responsible homes that are attuned to the surrounding landscape and its part in the global ecosystem. Cliff Maness is a Master Certified Green Professional possessing expertise in green building practices. We’ll work with you to include as many green features in your home project as you desire. Benefits of green building include lower energy bills and water consumption, as well as superior indoor air quality.

We need a building for our business. Do you undertake commercial building projects?

Yes, we certainly do. Whether you’re building a new home for your business or needing remodeling or additions to your existing space, we’re happy to help. See our commercial building page to learn more.