This technique includes sealing all penetrations of windows and doors using foams and caulking materials. This prevents infiltration of moisture vapor to protect the exterior wall system from mold and rot. Additionally, airtight housing reduces heating/cooling loss for efficient energy use.



This insulation, made from recycled materials, provides heat insulation and sound control throughout your house. Sprayed into wall cavities and flat ceilings, this insulation provides an air-tight barrier. This feature also absorbs bulk moisture that can build up inside your home’s walls. Additionally, the insulation is chemically-treated to be fire-resistant.


Designed to prevent moisture problems, we use a multi-layered system with a waterproofing membrane, drainage board, and a foundation drain. This durable system provides superior protection from moisture. Our premier products for waterproofing include BoneDryTM, DeltaTM, andDrainMaxTM.

Fixture Protection.jpg


Whether it’s your lights, baths, showers, or countertops, we understand that the fixtures you’ve chosen for your home are important to you. When installing these fixtures, we take every precaution to protect these features from any subsequent building work and to ensure that they are spotless when you move in. All wooden coverings are custom-made and fitted for all installed fixtures to ensure that your home looks perfect.


We meticulously inspect all floor materials to ensure that every piece of wood beneath your feet will be straight. Additionally, we glue and screw all sub-flooring to prevent squeaky floors.

Foam Insulation.jpg


This technique includes spraying an expanding foam into wall cavities and concrete slabs to create a tight barrier against air infiltration. Foam insulation is also used to seal off decks and roof attics and create a conditioned temperature for attic rooms.

Home Footings


Proper footings are critical for your home’s foundation. Implemented in early stages of building, our steel-reinforced footings are inserted below ground level around the home’s planned perimeter. Additionally we paint the top of the footings with a sealant to ensure that moisture will not wick into the wall structures built on top of this foundation.



We use this top-of-the-line exterior wall sheathing to increase the structural durability of your home and protect your wall cavities from air/moisture infiltration.



Some of our customers choose to have a fireplace in their home. For these customers, we use a gas fire starter, which provides the comfort of a traditional fireplace with all the safety new technology provides. Using this gas fire starter, you enjoy a real wood fire, without the hassle of kindling.

Tech Shield

We install this top-of-the-line radiant barrier into the roof spaces of your home to reflect heat away from your house. This high quality product helps keep your home cooler in the summer and lowers your energy bills.

Trex Transcend.jpg

Trex Transcend

In addition to our traditional products for decks, some of our customers choose to use Trex Transcend®. For your decks, we use the finest wood products in the industry. This engineered wood provides the look of traditional decking without the costly maintenance. This product makes your deck easier to clean and increases the wood’s resistance to fading, stains and mold over time. On top of its clean look and durability, this “green” decking is made from 95 percent recycled board, so you’ll feel good about taking care of the environment.

Crawl Space.jpg

Unvented Crawl Space

In North Carolina, we experience humid summers. For this climate, we build unvented crawl spaces to prevent a buildup of moisture and mold underneath your home. We go above and beyond to ensure that the crawl space is insulated with materials treated with insecticide to protect your home from termites. The benefits of our techniques for crawl spaces include reduced heating/cooling costs and a longer-lasting home.



This feature protects your home from moisture. Areas waterproofed include your house’s foundation, deck and patio. We use high-quality membranes such as Bituthene® which adheres to your home’s structure and provides a durable barrier from moisture. Proper installation of these membranes is critical to the integrity of your house.